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We are finally embarking on the last leg of the journey of the Kit Jones!  Most of her restoration is done, and she moved on July 25th to historic downtown Darien next to the Old Jail Museum!! 


* Phase one involves the boat relocation and placement, as well as installation of five massive bollards and heavy chain along the sidewalk on Hwy. 99.  The salvaged, cast-iron bollards are circa 1950’s and were previously employed at a military installation on Georgia’s coast. 


Russell Marine Transportation and Boykin Crane again handled the Kit as they did when she was brought here from Biloxi, MS.  The process took seven hours.


N.O.A.A. is assisting with interpretive signage that will be placed around her, as the R/V Kit Jones is tied directly to their connection with Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary and early Ecology research done off Georgia's coast. 

We will also incorporate her past; from creation on Sapelo Island, her service to that island and its residents and her history preceeding those years of service as a Research Vessel.

Commemorative benches have been purchased and will be placed along walkpaths in the park come late fall.

* Phase two future assets in Kit Jones Park will depend on funding. None of the costs for creating this park have come from taxpayer dollars. The nonprofit, all-volunteer committee of Friends of the Kit Jones have worked for more than six years to make this dream a reality.


Fans and followers can play a unique part in the creation of this new public green space in historic downtown Darien: personalized, stamped bricks are available for purchase to pave the ground around her prominent site.

Get your bricks and find more details at Donations are tax deductible.


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